June - July 2006

Gable Hood

The Tudor Tailor gable hood pattern. The only modification I made was to widen the opening around the face (I angled out the undercap very slightly).

The lappet's fabric matches the gown's undersleeves, and the black box and veil are in silk charmeus. The gold crisscross is a polyester couching cord. It's really too shiny for my taste. But it was all I could come up with at the time. The hood is fully lined in fine linen and decorated with glass pearls and gold filigree.

Since my hair isn't thick enough to wear as a support for the hood, I made a little rectangular pillow. You can see it sitting on top of the styrofoam head. This pillow distributes the weight of the hood. It also helps cushion my forehead from the undercap's sharp front edge.

Unfortunately, I never ended up wearing this headdress. In fact, I decided it looked terrible on me! I think I got the proportions wrong. At one point I brought it to a costumer's swap-and-sell, thinking I'd find it a new home. Interestingly, it looked really nice on those who tried it. I was somewhat consoled by this, and decided that the project wasn't a total failure. So, I'm just holding onto it.