May 2011

1906 - 1912 Big Boater

A large-crowned hat for my 1910 walking outfit. Jen's tutorial inspired me to give this a try. The only suitable bowl in the kitchen just happened to be boater-shaped. Voila.

On the underside, I sewed the brim of another salvaged hat. The open-weave straw was floppy and needed support. But it serves a dual purpose of making the head opening smaller. The adjustable lining was added in 2015. A milliner gave me some brush-on clear liquid that stiffened the straw. The hat is decorated with two lengths of petersham which were sewn together, steamed into a curve, and sewn to the crown. I found a great big boater example (on the web here) to use as a guide for trim. The only thing left, is to figure out is what on earth to do with my hair!