Early Dance

Just a work in progress page. A list of all the dances that are currently in my brain. Since starting lessons in Fall 2020, I've learned and worked on the following choreography:

15th Century Italian Dance:


Rostiboli Gioioso


16th Century Italian Dance:

Barriera: Caroso, 1600 (Galliard from Santucci, 1614)

So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo: Negri, 1602

Passo e Mezo (Lady's part): Caroso, 1581

Spagnoletta Nuova: Caroso, 1600

Celeste Giglio: Caroso, 1600

Le Bellezze D'Olimpia: Caroso, 1581

Chiara Stella: Caroso, 1581

Baroque Dance:

Forlana: Pecour, (Pemberton) 1711

La Savoye: Pecour, 1700

Sarabande Pour Une Femme: Pecour, 1704

The Diana: P. Siris, 1725

The following were learned largely through the Historical Dance Society's teaching and performance videos, and Lorenzo Pettrucci's Beginner Book:


Branle des Lavandieres (Washerwoman's Branle)

Branle des Sabots (Clog Branle)

Branle Charlotte

Branle de l'Official

Branle des Chevaulx (Horse's Branle)

The Old Measures:

Queen's Almaine

Ould Almaine

Quadran Pavan

The Gresley Manuscript:

Ly Bens Distonys

Basse danse:

Danse de Cleves (via Rachel Lorenz's teaching video)

English Country Dance:

Graies Inne Maske