Early Dance

Just a work in progress page. A list of all the dances that are currently in my brain.

12/20/20: In the past 12 weeks of lessons I've attempted to assimilate the following 21.5 minutes of choreography:

15th Century Italian Dance:


Rostiboli Gioioso


Italian Renaissance Dance:

Barriera: Caroso, 1600 (Galliard from Santucci, 1614)

So ben mi chi ha buon tempo: Negri, 1602

Passo e Mezo: Caroso, 1581 (Lady's part)


Baroque Dance:

Forlana: Pemberton, 1711

La Savoye: Pecour, 1700


Over the summer I learned these dances through the Historical Dance Society's teaching and performance videos, and Lorenzo Pettrucci's Beginner Book:

Graies Inne Maske

Branle des Lavandieres (Washerwoman's Branle)

Branle des Sabots (Clog Branle)

Branle Charlotte

Branle de l'Official

Branle des Chevaulx (Horse's Branle)

Queen's Almaine

Ould Almaine

Quadran Pavan


Rachel Lorenz's teaching videos for:

Danse de Cleves