I the Honey have commandeered this web site as a breeding ground for my LOL Moth experiments.
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have hidden a series of LOLMoths in the pictures on various pages.
I know you all fear them, the fabric hoarders nightmare, AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHAAA.
Tremble in fear as your nightmares are realized.
For those who have no wish to play easter egg hunt here is a gallery.

Updates: May 30, 2009




12/20/08 This month I was able to get a few pictures of Aaron wearing the gold paisley vest, and added them to that page.

9/24/08 A ton of new albums were added to the CC26 site. Many thanks to those who took and assembled these pictures! I grabbed a bunch of images and updated all the relevant galleries.

8/30/08 More undergarments... a new princess slip is in the 20th C gallery.

8/24/08 The Laughing Moon elliptical hoop and long bustle have been added to Victorian Undies gallery.

5/21/08 My latest bit of collar research has been added to the frock write up.

5/5/08 CC26 projects. Eleven months of sewing and one minute on the stage! My sweetie even volunteered to put together our masquerade entry, so we had music, voice-over: the works. Best of all I got to meet so many familiar faces (and a few new ones), at last in person! Now added to the 19th C gallery: a purple 1860s dress, a gold vest and pants set, and a frock coat. They're just write-ups for now. Better pictures will follow at some point.

4/29/08 Til I can get a real update posted, here's my better half modeling his new snazzy Victorian suit.

4/13/08 The green Tudor gown is at last added to the Ren Gallery.

2/11/08 So I went ahead and added a whole new 20th C gallery just to house a parasol. Clothes are planned too, but still not in the sewing queue.

1/3/08 More maintenance: this time to the Cardinal write up.

12/31/07 I've added some pictures to the Italian peasant gallery. Now there are photos of the back of the dress too!

12/26/07 Figured out what to do with that corded corset write up. There's now a section under Research (R&D) where I'll keep miscellaneous stuff like this.

12/26/07 The Victorian Undies got reorganized. Nothing new to add at the moment, but I managed to double the gallery size, which somehow makes me feel productive. And since I will never be wearing my 1830s corded corset, there doesn't seem like much point in keeping it in the gallery.

9/8/07 One more picture of the new Cardinal hat.

9/5/07 An update to the Cardinal costume. Also reorganized the Cardinal Gallery while I was at it.

7/15/07 Added a new gallery to Sabrina's Costumes: Halloween and Party.

6/16/07 Aaron has a new Renaissance outfit, a 1560s Order of Saint Stephen costume.

5/23/07 So much for just swapping out the collar and cuffs. I ended up redoing the whole thing. New man's shirt is now in the Renaissance Undies gallery.

5/22/07 New pics of the 1830s day dress.

5/22/07 Traditional cut shirt now in the Victorian gallery.

5/21/07 New pic of the holiday vest and pants.

5/5/07 Moving things around... I added an "About" section to the index page. A few costumes were relocated there, and some minor revisions were made to their text.

3/4/07 Not an update, but a revision to the 1830s day dress write up.

12/26/06 A Late-1830s Day Dress is added to the 19th C. Gallery. The photos are pretty washed out, but maybe I can get some better ones at some point.

12/18/06 There's a new Holiday Vest and some pants in the Victorian gallery.

11/25/06 This year Aaron got a new shirt collar for his outfit. I also took a full picture of the silver vest for the gallery page. Clearly he is in need of some high-waisted Victorian pants next....

I decided to do away with the "current" and "finished" project lists on this Updates Page. The lists seem to be ever-growing, plus I'm slow to add to the costume galleries. I'll probably just post an occasional progress picture here instead.

10/8/06 Instructions for sewing a "Peg Top Skirt," from a 1913 issue of The Delineator, posted in Research.

10/2/06 A page of 1910s Corsets from an unknown mail-order catalogue added to the Research Section. I apologize for the lack of date and specifics.

8/3/06 Added a Renaissance shift to the undies gallery.

7/23/06 Three more costumes added to Sabrina's Closet.

7/17/06 Sabrina's gallery page now has cake.

6/30/06 I am very happy to post the beginning of a new gallery: Sabrina's Closet.

6/03/06 Set of 1830s undies added to the 19th Century Gallery.

2/11/06 A new corset in the Renaissance undies.

1/29/06 The Renaissance Undies got a re-org. Plus a new shirt was added.

1/5/06 New set of pictures for the 1880s Holiday outfit.

12/24/05 Holiday/Christmasy outfit added to Victorian gallery.

12/6/05 Updated the projects list above.

11/19/05 Some different pics on the 1550 Venetian page.

11/13/05 With all this great new space I thought I'd devote another 1 MB to the Cardinal gallery. Now most of the images have full size pictures.

11/7/05 Added links throughout to various pattern companies and vendors.

11/5/05 A couple of new pics of the 1880s undies.

11/3/05 The Fairy Gallery has been posted in Sabrina's Costume Gallery.

10/31/05 Halloween night: the official move to the new space at

10/30/05 New pics of the Victorian Vest.

10/29/05 New pics in the Victorian Undies Gallery.

10/26/05 Already started running out of room on the "free" website, so I just purchased my very own address at I am now set with about 500 times more space than before... Kind of like moving into a bigger apartment, but a whole lot better!