Updates: February 12, 2021



2/12/21 More home sewing projects: new Drapes and a Sewing Machine Cover are in the Modern Sewing gallery.

12/20/20 I'm not sure how/if this will be incorporated into my webpage, but I have taken up Early Dance. As it's tangentially related to costuming, I went ahead and added a "Gallery" link for it (which is really just a list at the moment).

7/22/20 Another 1970s Sundress in a large scale print - in the 20thC Gallery.

7/17/20 Handsewing on the latest Smock is finished, so it's added to the Medieval-17thC Linens page. The detailed Smock Construction Page was originally intended as documentation in next year's Costume Con. A few months ago, with the reality that I won't be attending, webbing it seemed like a nice alternative.

5/31/20 The Regency Petticoat has also been photographed and added.

5/18/20 And the Camo Girls Apron is also newly posted to the Aprons Gallery.

5/8/20 Two new knit skirts in the Everyday wear: a Red Knit and a Floral Knit.

4/19/20 Another New Look Blue Skirt (Everyday wear), and Yellow Floral Apron added to 20thC.

4/6/20 Kitchen towels? Why not. I added them to the Aprons gallery in the 20thC garments. 4/18 Edit: one more!

3/29/20 Took some pictures of these Regency undies 3 weeks ago. Just a few basics: Bum Pad, Stays, Sense & Sensibility and Laughing Moon Chemise, added to the 18thC - Regency Underthings page. (Debated whether to put them under 19thC but this seems good for now).

3/7/20 This Smock isn't technically finished, but the write up is. I took lots of in progress pictures and put together a Smock Construction page. See link on Medieval - 17thC Linens page.

6/15/19 Well, I couldn't just leave the 1906 Bolero like that so I added some ties to the neckline. Then fixed sleeves to the Eyelet Blouse, and took more pictures. At the same time, Aaron took a couple of shots of the 1910 Walking Outfit with the proper belt and slightly improved hair.

5/26/19 My 1490s Florentine is added too! (Medieval-17thC Gallery).

5/6/19 I'm a little surprised to see that it took me four years to get a photo of my 1906 Bolero, but it's now done. See the 20thC Costume page for pics.

4/16/19 More pictures in the hills while it's still green. A finished Dirndl is added to 20thC Costumes.

4/5/19 Sabrina's Shield was also photographed and added to the Dedication Gallery page.

4/3/19 A little late for the picnic, but I finished and photographed two Viking outfits! Added to the Medieval-17thC Costumes.

10/11/18 Retro 1960 Butterick dress is in the 20thC Gallery.

8/26/18 This new Maiden costume could have been put anywhere, but I decided to add it to the costumes in the Medieval - 17thC Gallery.

8/9/18 Not exactly a photoshoot, but Aaron took some pictures of me in a new Medieval Tunic. It's in the same gallery as the last two linen updates.

7/2/18 Another Italian Camicia is added to the 16thC Linens.

4/27/18 An Italian Peasant's Partlet is in the 16thC Linens.

8/19/17 And more Flemish man pictures, now with properly hemmed pants.

7/31/17 The Flemish Man's Ensemble is now in the 16thC Costumes.

7/16/17 Everyday Wear (on the 20thC Page): A-Line Skirts, Brown Floral Dress and Yellow Floral Skirt.

6/25/17 Aaron's Medieval Shirt is added to the 16thC Linens.

6/23/17 Tiny update for a Red and Green apron.

5/27/17 Photos of a wool 1650s Dutch Jacket have been taken. New page on the 17thC gallery.

4/3/17 A Flemish Dress is added to the 16thC Costumes.

3/11/17 And another apron -- this one is a Green Check.

2/5/17 A Flemish Partlet in 16thC Linens. Also new in 20thC Aprons: Mouse, Cowboy & Floral.

11/11/16 Aaron's Sailor Outfit is added to the 18thC Gallery.

9/13/16 Rephotographed some of my Victorian and Renaissance whites in a neighbor's lovely garden for the improved lighting, and to add a few detail pictures. Also bees.

7/19/16 The Milkmaid Cap is added to the 16th-17thC Linens. Also, some improved photos of the 18thC round ear cap.

4/26/16 I added a couple of blouses to the "20th C Whites" (formerly 20thC Undies) page. It's a good holding spot until I get around to finishing the outfit and taking photos.

3/2/16 Pictures of the Knickers being worn have been added. After some debate I decided to move the outfit from the 19th to the 20thC Costumes.

12/12/15 The Medieval Style Gown is added to the 15th-17th Century Gallery.

11/1/15 In an ongoing effort to photograph all finished things, I've added pictures of the Red Jacket to my 1650s Dutch Peasant page.

10/4/15 Sabrina's Gallery has been updated and now includes the: Wedding gown, Renewal of Vows dress, and Regency dress.

8/29/15 The lighting today was perfect and Aaron took some nice pictures of the remodeled Venetian. I also edited that page with new notes on the construction.

8/4/15 Back from Costume College and here's my favorite picture (we're on the way to dinner). I gave the 1550s Venetian an update to fix the bulk at the neckline, and wore it for it's 10th anniversary. Though the 10-years-ago-sewing is a little rough-looking, here's an inside shot of the engineering. I also added a detail picture to the new Kimono page since the fabric color was washed out in the first photo set.

7/19/15 A few new 20thC items: a 1920s Kimono Robe, a 1970s Hawaiian Sundress, and Aaron's Cowgirls shirt in the Everyday Wear.

5/18/15 Fashion Show was a go! Write up is in the 20th C Gallery.

5/9/15 Here's an impromptu photo of my 1920s-inspired mini-collection from this semester. I'm not done with the certificate program, but after this class am much closer.

3/27/15 The 1860s Purple Day Dress has now had it's own photoshoot. To maximize efficiency I took along the Gold 1860s Evening bodice, got photos, and made a new page for that as well.

2/1/15 New 19thC Undies are added: a Can-Can corset, petticoat and drawers.

12/24/14 And the 1880s Calico Bustle Dress, which goes with the bonnet, is now added.

11/10/14 I have at last updated the man's 16thC black work shirt page with better pictures.

9/7/14 Added an 1880s bonnet to the 19thC Gallery. Also, made some bigger rats for my 1905 outfit and got a couple pictures with better lighting.

8/24/14 A 1905 Everyday Outfit is done, worn and photographed.

8/2/14 I also updated the 1920 Wool Ensemble page with new photos. Included are pictures of my silk parasol in action, to see it in scale.

7/18/14 Another 20thC dress is added - the 1920 Purple Chiffon.

7/16/14 Newest hat in the 20thC Accessories is Straw with Roses.

6/8/14 Yellow Short Gown is now added to the 18thC Gallery.

5/18/14 We took one more photo outing to take advantage of the perfect backdrop. Pictures of a 1920 Black and White ensemble are added to 20th C Gallery.

5/10/14 And another! I managed a photoshoot with Aaron in the Rose Garden this week, so I now have pictures of the "new" Cardinal costume. Write up in 16thC Gallery.

12/25/13 Another red outfit: Aaron's Kapa Cabana Set is in the 20thC gallery.

12/22/13 Added a new red vest to the 18thC Man's Summer ensemble.

9/29/13 My Peasant Stays, which are now bound, have been added to the 16th-17thC Linens Gallery. While editing the 1650s Peasant page I realized there were no photo of the Petticoat. So I took a garment photo and added a little more wordiness to the petticoat write up.

9/20/13 A request motivated me to post my machine assembly notes for the Kannik's Korner Trouser pattern. You'll find links under "Miscellaneous Costume," and on the 18thC Summer page with the trousers.

8/24/13 It's taken a couple of tries to get decent photos, but I finally got the 1950s Cabana page updated with pictures of the whole set.

8/11/13 A newly finished pair of Knickers are in the 19thC Gallery. I also added an "Everyday Wear" gallery on the 20thC page (for lack of a better location), with the latest Hawaiian and the Camo shirt.

7/7/13 A write up and some temporary pictures of Aaron's 1950s cabana set is added the the 20thC stuff.

6/25/13 An 1860s Bolero Ensemble is added to the 19thC Costumes.

6/16/13 My new-yet-old Single Layer Dore corset is back in the Victorian undies page.

6/9/13 Snapped a couple of quick garment pictures of the 1560s suit and added a nice new reference to the write up.

6/8/13 Red jacket added to the 1650s Dutch Peasant outfit, with a picture of the pattern linked in the write-up.

3/26/13 I moved the 20thC accessories into their own page and then added some newly finished belts.

2/27/13 Full write up added for my 1650s Peasant in the 16-17thC Gallery.

2/23/13 A few new pictures of Aaron's 17thC peasant (some are buried in the text), and a preview here of my own.

2/22/13 Dutch cap in 17thC undies.

2/18/13 Apron in the 17thC undies page.

1/11/13 There's a great big write up for Aaron's 17thC peasant outfit in the 16th-17th C gallery. A wrinkly and unbuttoned picture, but better ones to follow later.

10/21/12 New smock and old camica are added to the 16thC Undies. I also got a photo of Yoke Pettiocat #1 for the 20thC Undies page.

10/2/12 A bunch of 18thC updates: a Short Gown, Aaron's Summer Outfit, better photos of the Man's shirt, and some pockets are now added.

9/7/12 A Round Eared Cap is now in the 18thC Costumes.

8/16/12 Edwardian update: a blue bolero is added to the gallery.

8/10/12 More tiny updates: I recently acquired POF 4, and have edited the Blackwork Shirt page.

6/26/12 Tiny update with tiny picture. A smoking cap in the 19th C Costumes.

5/24/12 Two 18th C pieces - a man's shirt and trousers are now added. Unplanned and temporary photos included.

10/30/11 A write-up for the 1920 orange dress is now on the 20th C page. There is also another sleeveless chemise on the TV Chemise page, under 19th C undies.

9/21/11 Added an Elliptical Petticoat to the 19thC undies, and a Yoke Blouse to the Edwardian page.

8/21/11 A new page has been added for the 1860s purple ball gown bodice. What a difference natural light makes! These photos are pretty true to the actual dress color.

8/4/11 We made it to costume college this year and it was a real blast. I was really surprised by the scale of it - there were costumers and costumes everywhere. I decided to just throw myself into the spirit of things, and Aaron and I both changed costumes twice a day, wearing everything I packed. Though we left the camera in the room for most of the weekend, we did one little photo shoot of the 1910 walking outfit. So for now, I've updated the pages for the blue walking skirt and tucked blouse. And I love this photo by Jen. I'm wearing a 1920 outfit, which I'll eventually add as well. Aaron's hair is so long and thick he didn't have any hope of taming it into 1920s, but he still looks adorable in his new pants and hat.

6/18/11 I've replaced the flowers on the 1920 hat with bigger ones. From ten feet away those little ones weren't really visible. Much better now.

6/7/11 New Big Boater in the 20th C Accessories, and a Windowpane Vest in the 19th C Costumes.

5/30/11 20th Century costume updates: I added a plaid cape and a blue apron.

5/2/11 Three more Edwardian Separates. A cream cape, a blue wool walking skirt and black cotton walking skirt.

4/7/11 One more update to the 20th C gallery: there is now an "Accessories" page with 2 boaters and a 1920 hat.

4/5/11 New 19th C undies: a bustle petticoat and the LM chemise. I also added a new page under the 20th Gallery for Edwardian Separates. There are two blouses there so far: a lace one and a tucked blouse.

3/4/11 I webbed a short essay I wrote last year for a costume history class. It's under "Research & Miscellaneous" from the main page.

12/13/10 A real update! I added last year's 1860s blue calico dress to the Victorian gallery. And a blackwork shirt to the Renaissance undies.

10/14/10 Everything is better as a collection. I made a 1920s apron as well.

8/12/10 I sewed something "practical": my new 1940s apron is in the 20th C gallery.

7/27/10 Jewelry is difficult to photograph! So, I updated the Tudor page with pictures of accessories, including a Gable Hood that I've never worn. My latest Dore corset is also now in the Victorian Undies section.

6/15/10 A Guimpe is added to the 20th C undies, and a new picture of the Renaissance Man's shirt.

5/31/10 And more...a Victorian Bum Pad and Chemise are added. Plus a better picture of the 20th C princess slip.

5/24/10 More 19th C undies: a petticoat, a bell shaped hoop, and an update to the long bustle.

5/22/10 Got a slightly better picture of the shirt today. I also organized all my costume jewelry last week and plan to take a couple of pictures while it's still out. First up is the pirate accessories (a link can be found within the text).

5/16/10 A Victorian Shirt page is added to the 19th C gallery.

5/13/10 More undies! A petticoat and corset girdle are now in the 20th C undies.

12/22/09 And on a much more Christmasy note, here's an 1860s calico I finished for Dickens this year. I'll probably eventually add it to the gallery, but will need to wear it again to get some better full-length pictures.

12/20/09 I have finally gone back and updated more of Sabrina's pages. The "Renaissance and Faire" gallery has now been added.

6/22/09 I've been trying to work on making 'comfy' costumes for us. This is the first one that's been worn: Aaron's pirate outfit. I put it in a new "Fantasy Gallery."

5/30/09 Right. So Aaron played a little practical joke on me and hijacked my website. He infested it with his LOLmoth creations. They're hidden in some of the pictures as Easter eggs. Here they are together in a moth gallery.

12/20/08 This month I was able to get a few pictures of Aaron wearing the gold paisley vest, and added them to that page.

9/24/08 A ton of new albums were added to the CC26 site. Many thanks to those who took and assembled these pictures! I grabbed a bunch of images and updated all the relevant galleries.

8/30/08 More undergarments... a new princess slip is in the 20th C gallery.

8/24/08 The Laughing Moon elliptical hoop and long bustle have been added to Victorian Undies gallery.

5/21/08 My latest bit of collar research has been added to the frock write up.

5/5/08 CC26 projects. Eleven months of sewing and one minute on the stage! My sweetie even volunteered to put together our masquerade entry, so we had music, voice-over: the works. Best of all I got to meet so many familiar faces (and a few new ones), at last in person! Now added to the 19th C gallery: a purple 1860s dress, a gold vest and pants set, and a frock coat. They're just write-ups for now. Better pictures will follow at some point.

4/29/08 Til I can get a real update posted, here's my better half modeling his new snazzy Victorian suit.

4/13/08 The green Tudor gown is at last added to the Ren Gallery.

2/11/08 So I went ahead and added a whole new 20th C gallery just to house a parasol. Clothes are planned too, but still not in the sewing queue.

1/3/08 More maintenance: this time to the Cardinal write up.

12/31/07 I've added some pictures to the Italian peasant gallery. Now there are photos of the back of the dress too!

12/26/07 Figured out what to do with that corded corset write up. There's now a section under Research (R&D) where I'll keep miscellaneous stuff like this.

12/26/07 The Victorian Undies got reorganized. Nothing new to add at the moment, but I managed to double the gallery size, which somehow makes me feel productive. And since I will never be wearing my 1830s corded corset, there doesn't seem like much point in keeping it in the gallery.

9/8/07 One more picture of the new Cardinal hat.

9/5/07 An update to the Cardinal costume. Also reorganized the Cardinal Gallery while I was at it.

7/15/07 Added a new gallery to Sabrina's Costumes: Halloween and Party.

6/16/07 Aaron has a new Renaissance outfit, a 1560s Order of Saint Stephen costume.

5/23/07 So much for just swapping out the collar and cuffs. I ended up redoing the whole thing. New man's shirt is now in the Renaissance Undies gallery.

5/22/07 New pics of the 1830s day dress.

5/22/07 Traditional cut shirt now in the Victorian gallery.

5/21/07 New pic of the holiday vest and pants.

5/5/07 Moving things around... I added an "About" section to the index page. A few costumes were relocated there, and some minor revisions were made to their text.

3/4/07 Not an update, but a revision to the 1830s day dress write up.

12/26/06 A Late-1830s Day Dress is added to the 19th C. Gallery. The photos are pretty washed out, but maybe I can get some better ones at some point.

12/18/06 There's a new Holiday Vest and some pants in the Victorian gallery.

11/25/06 This year Aaron got a new shirt collar for his outfit. I also took a full picture of the silver vest for the gallery page. Clearly he is in need of some high-waisted Victorian pants next....

I decided to do away with the "current" and "finished" project lists on this Updates Page. The lists seem to be ever-growing, plus I'm slow to add to the costume galleries. I'll probably just post an occasional progress picture here instead.

10/8/06 Instructions for sewing a "Peg Top Skirt," from a 1913 issue of The Delineator, posted in Research.

10/2/06 A page of 1910s Corsets from an unknown mail-order catalogue added to the Research Section. I apologize for the lack of date and specifics.

8/3/06 Added a Renaissance shift to the undies gallery.

7/23/06 Three more costumes added to Sabrina's Closet.

7/17/06 Sabrina's gallery page now has cake.

6/30/06 I am very happy to post the beginning of a new gallery: Sabrina's Closet.

6/03/06 Set of 1830s undies added to the 19th Century Gallery.

2/11/06 A new corset in the Renaissance undies.

1/29/06 The Renaissance Undies got a re-org. Plus a new shirt was added.

1/5/06 New set of pictures for the 1880s Holiday outfit.

12/24/05 Holiday/Christmasy outfit added to Victorian gallery.

12/6/05 Updated the projects list above.

11/19/05 Some different pics on the 1550 Venetian page.

11/13/05 With all this great new space I thought I'd devote another 1 MB to the Cardinal gallery. Now most of the images have full size pictures.

11/7/05 Added links throughout to various pattern companies and vendors.

11/5/05 A couple of new pics of the 1880s undies.

11/3/05 The Fairy Gallery has been posted in Sabrina's Costume Gallery.

10/31/05 Halloween night: the official move to the new space at www.historicalalterations.com

10/30/05 New pics of the Victorian Vest.

10/29/05 New pics in the Victorian Undies Gallery.

10/26/05 Already started running out of room on the "free" website, so I just purchased my very own address at www.historicalalterations.com. I am now set with about 500 times more space than before... Kind of like moving into a bigger apartment, but a whole lot better!